Living in Lake Tahoe means beauty as far as you can see in any direction. It also means your interior plants are exposed to low-humidity and low-light from the majestic pines. We specialize in hardy plants for high-altitude living.

Botanical decor can be as simple as potted plants or custom-designed such as table centerpieces and wall & hanging pieces. Design includes an in-house consultation prior to the start of any services. 

BUSINESS ∙ Your vision is our vision.

We understand you’re busy. We make it our business to help you create the space you envision. You, your employees, clients and guests alike, will enjoy the positive effects of greenery, ensuring that not just the plants will be flourishing. Long-term care contracts available.

HOME ∙ Plant styling to match your style.

You know the feeling you get when you smell the trees on the trail or fresh rain in the forest? You can experience the same calm and happiness with greenery in your home. Our designs are made with your desired level of care in mind as well as positioning for the plant’s longevity.

For consultations and inquiries, reach us HERE.