syngonium podophyllum

syngonium podophyllum common name; “arrowhead plant”, varieties shown, ‘mango allusion’, ‘white butterfly’, ‘neon robusta’

This classic is best known as a hardy houseplant from grandma’s house. Maybe the one you took to college & still have 17 years later. Today, there’s so many varietals, one of our favorites is ‘confetti’ & one of the most sought after is probably ‘albo’.

Leaf colors & leaf shape are 2 things that vary hugely in this plant. The common name arrowhead is due to the shape being that of an arrowhead. White butterfly & confetti have the common leaf-shape. The neon robusta & mango allusion shown above, have a more rounded tip & shorter wider leaf, this is as common in a lot of varietals as is an extremely elongated arrowhead shape as seen on the albo.

The most common issue we see in care is inconsistent watering causing brown edges. Just an observation from HMG; since the plant surge, the overall health of some plants has been greatly affected. Pre-March 2020 new varietals were like any other of their kind. Once the hardiest of hardy, these newer varietals of syngonium & for example, “pothos” epipremnum aureum ‘n’joy’ aren’t as sturdy as they were before this new wave. 

Due to that, we’ve noticed the longer-known varietals are still doing better overall than the newer counterparts.

HUMIDITY; not a stickler for it *Pro-Tip for most new varietals of syngonium & other trending variegated counterparts like monstera deliciosa albo/thai, higher humidity closer to their native environments is going to help them thrive. If we think about it, it feels like since they haven’t been domesticated as long indoors, they aren’t as well-adapted to average house humidity as older varieties.

LIGHT; sun exposure; bright, indirect//windows facing north & east are ideal. for west & south windows, keep further away to avoid direct sun for too long which will burn the foliage. colorful & variegated varieties really need the bright light. Green leaves & hardier ones will survive in lower light areas.

WATER; Let soil dry 1/2 way down